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Help your Agency Employees strengthen their knowledge by inviting our friendly, knowledgeable presenters to educate them in their retirement and benefits options.

Every Federal Employee plays an invaluable role in keeping our democracy vibrant and strong. They give years of service to the public. We appreciate their dedication to upholding our way of life.

But when it comes to their own futures, things are often less than clear. What will their retirement look like with their benefits, and have they done everything they can to retire comfortably? At Federal Benefits Information Center, our presenters’ goal is to help Federal Employees envision how their benefits can help them a higher sense of well-being.

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Our presenters are here to be of service to you, helping your employees feel more confident about their future while meeting the OPM requirement for benefits education. Studies and research have shown that employees who feel more confident about their futures tend to be more productive.