Federal Retirement Services

Federal Benefits Information Center operates on the tenets of education, inspiration, and advocacy. We are dedicated to helping Federal Employees understand their benefits, grow their financial confidence, and make the most of their retirement years.

Let’s face it. Federal Benefits are complicated. They have many provisions, exceptions, and exclusions. You may even be uncertain about your own Federal retirement benefits and all of what they involve.

Come and find the answers you seek. At FBIC, we offer resources and knowledeable Benefits Counselors to aid you in walking through the “what ifs” of your Federal Benefits.

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We provide benefits guidance and financial education to active and retired Federal Employees. These efforts are based on the Office of Personnel Management’s mission to promote financial literacy.

Our Services

No matter if you are a new hire, a mid-career professional, a long-time public servant at an elevated GS/GM-level, or a retired Federal Employee, we will help guide you to the much-needed retirement and benefits answers you seek.

Our specialties include:

  • Federal Benefits education
  • Federal agency retirement workshops
  • Speaking engagements
  • Federal Benefits counseling
  • Personal benefits analysis
  • Federal Benefits assistance

We have a thorough understanding of benefits under the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) and the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) landscapes.

Federal Benefits Guidance

For Federal and Postal Employees, understanding their benefits can be a considerable challenge. Their benefits decisions play into many other facets of their lives, including their Federal careers, their financial and overall well-being, and potentially even the well-being of their families.

At Federal Benefits Information Center, our mission is to ensure you have a better understanding of your Federal Benefits – and by extension, to help you prosper in your Federal career.

Walkthroughs and explanations of your retirement benefits, life insurance benefits, the various roles that your benefits decisions may have for your future – our team can help you with these worthy goals and other retirement milestones.

Contact us to request a no-obligation Federal Benefits Analysis and have a discussion about your benefits questions.